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    Designed for the manufacture of windings for the electrical machines and apparatuses. Round and rectangular. With and without insulation.

    Winding wires (APB, APBA, AMP)

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    Designed for input and display of information, ensuring decorative and protecting functions for devices.


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    Means of automation for the mechanical engineering, food industry, metallurgy, machine tool construction, woodworking and other areas. Powered by DC or AC.

    Proximity switches (sensors) Inductive Photoelectric. SPEED SENSORS

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    To control the electric motors used in ventilation systems, backwater and smoke exhaust, water and foam fire-extinguishing.

    Cabinet Control and Automation


JSC “COMPLEX AUTOMATION MEANS FACTORY” is the largest manufacturer of a wide range of components for automotive vehicles and industrial equipment, wich are designed for a variety of production tasks, as well as equipment construction companies. “COMPLEX AUTOMATION MEANS FACTORY” is working on the specific projects and by the request of its partners. Working with the client, we have the flexibility to react on the market fluctuations, guided by the principles of providing the full list of the services to the customer: the delivery of equipment and spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service, qualified consultation.